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Vive la France

We are really pleased to welcome MV FlatHolm back to Lowestoft after successfully completing her first tow of the year, from Le Havre to Bordeaux.

We reinstated her tow hook earlier this year and after successfully completing all the official paperwork and bollard tests, she received her MECAL certificate and headed off across the channel to start her first job.

Once in Le Havre, FlatHolm took charge of La Péniche du Mascaret, a 55m Canadian type Rhine barge dating from 1952, which has undergone extensive structural and external renovation and was now ready to be moved to Bordeaux for a further 6 months of interior fittings work. Once these final renovations have been completed she will make the trip to her final site located in Saint German de la Rivière where she will be used as a venue for events and celebrations.

The sea crossing lasted 10 days passing west along the French coast, rounding well clear of the Island of Ushant in Brittany then south across the Bay of Biscay before heading up the Gironde Estuary to Bordeaux. FlatHolm took the tow in her stride and apart from a small delay caused by poor weather forcing the convoy into safer waters, the tow went to plan and achieved its objectives safely delivering La Péniche du Mascaret into the port of Bordeaux and the hands of her owners.

MV FlatHolm will continue to provide offshore support services alongside her own commitments to our geotechnical campaigns and will be available for charter for tows, salvage, bouy work, guardwork and dive support both here in the UK and into near European waters.

We already have a busy summer lined up but we would be happy to talk to you if you need any kind of offshore support.

You can read more about the exciting project to restore La Peniche du Mascaret at the following website

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